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About Me

I’m a Northerner

Although I have lived in London for over 20 years, I am originally from Hull, in the North East. So expect straight-talking and flat vowels

I have 2 kids

So I get how having a family can change our lives and our sense of who we are. I love my kids to bits (most of the time), but I am definitely not the same person I was before they came into my life.

I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching from Birkbeck University

This is my foundation, the course that opened so many doors and got me on the road to being a Coach. I never stop learning though - I’ve recently done courses in Trauma Informed Coaching, Resilience and many more. BUT the most transformative by far has been the learning I’ve done around Outdoor Intelligence, which spoke to my core and has landed me where I am today.

I am a Mental Health First Aider

Which means I know some strategies to help you deal with stress and to maintain your wellbeing, but also that I am aware of any signs and symptoms that might suggest you may benefit from further help and intervention.

I used to work in Advertising

But over the years I became increasingly disillusioned with the industry (for more reasons than I have time to go into here!). Having had Coaching myself, I decided I had to make a change, and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did! Definitely one of the best decisions I ever made.

I’m one of those annoying Wild Swimming types

I try not to weave it into EVERY conversation (honestly!) but it’s hard to underestimate the effect that being in the (often cold) water has on both my mind and body. I wouldn’t be without it.

My favourite type of walk is a walk in the rain

There’s just something about being totally immersed in the elements and going with the flow that I love (unless I have to be somewhere and it’s preferable that I’m dry).

I really really dislike coleslaw

Never put it on my plate. Thanks

Janine Green Life Coach. Beckenham Place Park.

About me, from the people that matter

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Thanks! It’s amazing how small changes can have big impacts.

Also I feel more open to looking at other things I can do to make life/ career etc flow more smoothly. I don’t have to figure everything out myself!


About Grounded Coaching

Lots of people ask me about where the idea of Grounded Coaching came from. Well, like all the best ideas, it had been brewing in the back of my mind for a while, but it all came together when I was doing some Peer Coaching, right at the end of a session.


Grounded is:

  • The feeling clients tell me that they’re looking for when life is busy running away with them

  • The feeling you get when you truly understand yourself

  • The position from which you can make the best decisions and the most exciting progress

  • A true connection to nature and the world around us.

Our brains work differently when we're in nature. The busy command centre calms down and we are able to think deeper and access the more creative and strategic parts of our brains.  Nature presents metaphors to us that help us see things from a different perspective.  So why wouldn't we want to use this resource when we're grappling with working things out? 

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