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About Me

  • “I’d love to do this but I don’t have the time”
    We make time for what’s important to us. Sessions are 1 hour and take place every 2-3 weeks, usually with some ‘homework’ or walking inbetween. We can always find a time that suits you, I guarantee
  • “I’ve never done anything like this before”
    Most people haven’t! The majority of my clients are in this position and find it invigorating to have the opportunity to think about their lives in a different way. If you just carry on doing what you’re doing, then things are unlikely to change.
  • “I’m worried that this could resurface old anxieties and worries”
    I’ll be honest, stuff might come up that makes you feel uncomfortable. But it’s important to talk about this because it’s what makes you who you are. My training in Psychodynamic Coaching can help you put this into context and work with it. I am also a Mental Health First Aider, so if anything gets too much, we can work to find further help and intervention.
  • “It feels indulgent spending this money on myself”
    This is both a short term and a long term investment. Think about where you could be in 6 months / 12 months / 2 years! If it helps, think of it like Personal Training, for your whole self.
  • "How does Coaching actually work?""
    Coaching gives you the opportunity to see things perhaps through a different lens, and reframe aspects of yourself and your life. A Coach will ask questions to help you bring attention to things that might be residing in your subconscious, help organise your thoughts and make a plan for change. Generally speaking, sessions are spaced 2-3 weeks apart, so as to give you time to develop inbetween sessions, whilst not losing momentum.
  • "Why work with Nature?""
    When we're in nature, we give our brains and our bodies the opportunity to be calmer. The busy ‘command centre’ of our brain quietens down and the parts of our brain responsible for creative and strategic thinking can be more easily accessed. Put simply, we just think differently outdoors. So being in nature offers the perfect opportunity to help us work things out, tackle some of the stuff that’s whirling round in our heads, get a different perspective and think more creatively.
Janine Green Life Coach. Beckenham Place Park.

About me, from the people that matter

Thanks! It’s amazing how small changes can have big impacts.

Also I feel more open to looking at other things I can do to make life/ career etc flow more smoothly. I don’t have to figure everything out myself!


About Grounded Coaching

Lots of people ask me about where the idea of Grounded Coaching came from. Well, like all the best ideas, it had been brewing in the back of my mind for a while, but it all came together when I was doing some Peer Coaching, right at the end of a session.


Grounded is:

  • The feeling clients tell me that they’re looking for when life is busy running away with them

  • The feeling you get when you truly understand yourself

  • The position from which you can make the best decisions and the most exciting progress

  • A true connection to nature and the world around us.

Our brains work differently when we're in nature. The busy command centre calms down and we are able to think deeper and access the more creative and strategic parts of our brains.  Nature presents metaphors to us that help us see things from a different perspective.  So why wouldn't we want to use this resource when we're grappling with working things out? 

Let's connect

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