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Coaching that puts you back in touch with yourself and the world around you 

Janine Green Life Coach Coaching in nature

Coaching that puts you back in touch with yourself and the world around you 

Understand yourself, then move forward with purpose

If you feel like you've lost touch with who you are and what you're doing, then you're in the right place. 


It's time to press 'pause' on your busy life and tangled mind, so that you can reconnect with yourself and work out how to grow in a way that's truly 'you' (and not what you feel you 'should' be).


And we’ll use nature to help us along the way. 


Image by Bogdan Locovei

Coaching could be the answer if these sound familiar

  • You feel like you're being swept away by life and you need to pause

  • You are feeling like you just don't know who you are anymore

  • You have an urge to change something in your life, work out what’s next

  • You have lost some confidence somewhere along the way

  • You have a lot of sh*t to do and you want to work out how to do it all

  • You believe in the power of being outside, in nature

Hello, I'm Janine

I’m a fully qualified and experienced Coach who believes in doing things a little bit differently.  

I believe that we have the most clarity and confidence when we feel connected to ourselves and the world around us.  That’s why I use nature in my Coaching - it’s the ultimate grounder. 

I believe in the power of getting up and out, and using what's there to help us untangle our minds, think deeper and get more creative.

I live in London but I’m originally from Hull. I like to think my Northern roots have stayed with me, so expect a warm welcome and a no nonsense approach (and flat vowels).

Janine Green Life Coach Walking in Nature. Photo by Donna Ford

Happy Clients

“I’ve taken a great deal of confidence from the Coaching and really appreciated the opportunity to lay my thoughts out and get them into a shape that I can process them and focus on moving forwards.״ 


“It was helpful to untangle stuff that was whirling around in my head; identify what was causing problems and then come up with workable solutions.״ 


“It reinvigorated me! It was like my brain had  a massive detox and I feel like I’m now top-notch!״ 


“Those 4 sessions got me on my road to freedom, to choosing a new career. I am reaping the benefits now as I have changed massively and couldn’t be happier. I can feel and I know how well this suits me and what I can do with it.״




A little something to get you started

Janine Green Life Coach in Nature. How to Walk Well. Personal Development

In my guide on How To Walk Well you will learn:

  • The benefits of walking in nature

  • How to use a walk to help you progress your thinking

  • How to 'Travel Light' and keep distractions at bay

How can I help?

You've scrolled down this far, so maybe it's time to talk.

I offer a completely 'no-obligation, no pressure' chat on all of my services.

Janine Green Life Coach. 1:1 Coaching in nature

1:1 Coaching

Find out more about my 1:1 Coaching, how I can help you put 2 feet firmly on the ground and reconnect with yourself.

Janine Green Coaching workshops outdoors

Groups &Workshops

Through my Workshops and Group Coaching sessions I help you explore an issue or a theme together, so we all learn from eachother

Image by Nicole Wilcox. Organisational Coaching in nature


I work with organisations to help their people create the space to take a pause from the day-to-day, through 1:1 Coaching or Group Workshops.

How can I help
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